Selection of Publications


"Train a Dog, but Raise the Child", 2017
"Fire the Imagination, Write On!", 2017
Golden Gate Publications, 1997; memoir/journalism/fiction
AWSNA Publications, 1998; handbook for teachers, focuses on 7th grade
Short stories, Rudolf Steiner College Press, 1999
Verlag Freies Geistesleben, 1999
“The Tricky Triangle: Children, Parents and Teacher.”
Book Review:  The Age of Wonder by Richard Holmes
Book Review: The Social Animal by David Brooks
Translation out of the German for Verlag am Goetheanum. 2012
“What Does It Mean When a Waldorf Teacher ‘Grows Up’?”
“Remembering Henry Barnes.”
Translation for Mercury Press, 1995
“Oh, No, Not Another Decision.”
“Growing Up to Become a Grownup.”
“We Love Grammar” 1996. (Originally in Journal for Anthroposophy, Spring, 1982.)
“The Waldorf Teacher: Someone You Can Steal Horses With.”
“America’s Gold Rush: Can It Be Redeemed?”
“Balancing the Four Polarities.”
“America’s Gold Rush: Can It Be Redeemed?” AWSNA Publications, 2001
“Centring the Teacher in Uncentered Times.” 1993
“Karma and the Internet.” 1997
Glimmers of Truth: Coleridge and Emerson
Translation from the German of “Painting Out of the Color,” “The IAO,” “After the Fire.” 1987