Adult Education, Teacher Training, Public Lectures, Workshops


During the 25 years (1989-2014) that Dorit was Director of Waldorf teacher trainings, she taught a variety of courses on anthroposophy and education, as well as in the arts.

Courses taught: Beginning Recorder, Wet-Method Painting, Veil Painting, Writing to Strengthen the Imagination, History of Language in General (Logos) and English in Particular (Literature), Homer/Dante/Chaucer/Shakespeare, Introduction to Anthroposophy, Reincarnation and Karma, Self and School (or How to Survive in a Waldorf School), Pedagogical Studies, Curriculum Studies, Biography Cycles, Art History, Language Arts

Lecture Cycles by Rudolf Steiner taught: Kingdom of Childhood, Man As Symphony of the Creative Word, Spiritual Guidance of Man and Mankind, Study of Man, Discussions with Teachers, Practical Advice to Teachers, Balance in Teaching, Essentials of Education, Education for Adolescence, Manifestations of Karma, Reincarnation and Karma, The Younger Generation


“The Esoteric Background of Waldorf Education,” three sessions, San Francisco Waldorf School, 2015

“Childhood Innocence to Grown-Up Wisdom,” Rudolf Steiner Centre, Toronto, 2015

“The Cultivation of the Senses in the Waldorf School.”

  “The Christ Impulse and Waldorf Education.”  Steiner Center, Toronto, Regional Conference, 2013

“The Christ Impulse and Waldorf Education.” New Impulse Conference, 2013

“Friend Me! The Waldorf Adolescent, Grades 7-10.” Summerfield, 2013

“Growing Up to Become a Grown-Up.” Swedish Teacher’s Conference, Järna, Sweden, 2013

“Growing Up to Become a Grown-Up.” International Teachers Conference, Dornach, 2012;

“America’s Gold Rush, Can it Be Redeemed?” Anthroposophical Society, Frankfurt, Germany, September 2011

“How the Ego Comes into Incarnation through Waldorf Education.” Faust Branch, Fair Oaks, 2009

”Fourteen Years, One Vision.” EBWS, 2008

“Click Clique.” Greenwood School, Mill Valley, 2008

“Where am I? Language and Art in Cyberspace.” Binary Being Conference, Berkeley, July, 2007

“Eight Years, One Vision: The Integrated Waldorf Curriculum.” Marin WS, 2007

“Encountering the Other: Meeting Karma in the Waldorf School.” Sound Circle Center, Seattle, 2006

“Beyond Literacy: Language Teaching in the Waldorf School.” Sandpoint WS, ID; 2006

“The Phenomenology of Gossip.” Marin WS, 2006, 2011; Chicago Priests Seminary, 2006

“Zwischen Monument Valley und Silicon Valley – Das amerikanische Gemüt: Genius und Versuchung.” Anthroposophical Society, Bochum, Germany, November, 12, 2003

“From Monument Valley to Silicon Valley.” Dornach, November 8, 2003

“Eternal Individuality”; St. John’s Day Presentation, Anthroposophical Branch Santa Cruz/Monterey, June, 2003

“The Fifty Second Minute and the Fifty Minute Hour: Our Loss Of Time And How To Regain It.”   AWSNA, Spring Valley, NY, March, 2003

“The Riddle of America,” Goetheanum, Dornach, 2003

“Das Tägliche Leben als Einweihungsweg.” Anthroposophical Society, Kassel, Germany, Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2001

“Truth,” Faust Branch, Fair Oaks, 1999

Balancing the Four-Fold Heart of Waldorf Education, October, 1999, San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Training of Rudolf Steiner College, at San Francisco Waldorf School, organized by Dorit Winter.

“America’s Gold Rush; Can It Be Redeemed.” Toronto, National AWSNA Conference, 1999

“Child Development and the Waldorf Curriculum.” Tucson, 1998

“Language Arts in the Upper Elementary Grades.” Peninsula WS, 1998

“The Twelve Senses.” Marin, 1997

“How Teachers are Prepared.” Marin, 1997

“The Making of a Waldorf Teacher.” Summerfield, 1994

“Art as a Way of Experiencing the Waldorf School Curriculum.” Davis, 1993

“The Progress of Poetry.” The Spirit of English, Emerson College, UK, July, 1992

“The Teacher As Artist.” Rudolf Steiner College, 1991

“The Waldorf Curriculum: Strengths for Contemporary Society.” Santa Barbara, 1991

“Authority, Justice and Discipline.” Rudolf Steiner College, 1990

“What is a Waldorf High School?” Great Barrington, 1982; Lexington, MA, 1983; Baltimore, 1988; Chicago, 1988; Santa Fe, 1989; Austin, 1989; Pasadena, 1989; East Bay, 1997

“The Waldorf Middle School: How Does it Prepare the Student for High School?” Baltimore, 1989



“Parenting Today, The Waldorf Way.” Berkeley, 2012-2013

“Overcoming Nervousness.” Marin Waldorf School, 2012

“Work of the Angel in Our Astral Body.” Alumni Study Group, 2011

“What Does It Take for You to Be the Grown-Up in Your Home.” Marin Waldorf School, 2011

“The Education of the Child.” East Bay Waldorf School, 2010

Deepening of Inner Work, Rudolf Steiner College, Western Regional Conference, 2009

“The Spiritual Foundations of Morality.” Alumni Study Group, 2009

“Developing Teachers to Meet Developing Students.” Western Waldorf Educators’ Conference, From the Cradle to the Quest, Rudolf Steiner College, 2008

“From Sense Perception to Imagination through Creative Writing.” Western Waldorf Educators’ Conference, Reconnecting with Nature: Overcoming Abstraction, Rudolf Steiner College, February, 2007

“Perspectives on Life: Biographical Phases.” Chicago Priests Seminary, 2007

“Encounter as Research.” Western Waldorf Educators’ Conference, The Social Encounter, February, 2006

“Waldorf Education, Its Hidden Depths.”  Marin Waldorf School, 2005

Creative Writing, Eugene Teacher Training, May, 2003

Mentoring high school teachers, Portland Waldorf School, March 2003

“What Does it Mean for a Waldorf Teacher to be an Esotericist.” Rudolf Steiner College, Western Regional Conference, 1999

“Developing Teachers to Meet Developing Students.” Rudolf Steiner College, Western Regional Conference, 1998

Creative Writing Workshop, Spirit of English, Emerson College, Forest Row, England, 1992

“From Sense Perception to Imagination through Creative Writing.” Arts For Waldorf  Teachers, Rudolf Steiner College, 1991; Santa Cruz Arts Festival, 1993-2000; Summer Intensives, 2001-2014

Intro to Waldorf Education, San Francisco State University, Department of Alternative Medicine, 1991, 1992

Workshop on Grades 6, 7, 8 Rudolf Steiner College,  1990


Partial Listing of Conferences Attended

International Teachers Conference with Jürgen Smit, March 1986